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Ep 11. Towards The Mountain

Sarah Myles lost her Poppa Frank Christmas on the flight.  She talks of her recently published book Towards the Mountain, a Story of Grief and Hope Forty Years on from Erebus and of how important it to is to talk about the things that cause us pain in our lives. 

Ep 10. 3 People Is Such A Lot To Lose

David Allan (72) lost his Dad Malyon, his Mum Marjorie and his sister Jane who was in her last year of high school.  He talks of how he practically got through in those early days and of how important it is for people to be straight up and tell it like it is. 

Ep 3. The Memorial Champion

Rev Richard Waugh is a busy man with a big heart.  He’s a  Minister, Chaplain and Aviation Historian and although Richard didn’t lose a loved one on board, he’s made it his personal mission to ensure the Erebus Families have a National Erebus Memorial.